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HIBS Tour of India 2025 FAQ

What is the cost of the trip?

The cost for the trip is $6000 per person. This rate is uniformly applied to everyone traveling with the team, including both players and supporters such as parents and siblings.

This cost reflects the comprehensive nature of the services and experiences we provide. Key elements covered by this cost include:

  1. Top-Quality Grounds: Access to premier playing grounds including under the lights, enhancing the overall playing and viewing experience. One of the most exciting additions to our tour this year is the opportunity for our players to play under lights. This is an experience we cannot readily afford in New Zealand due to higher costs associated with lighting and venue arrangements. Playing under lights offers a unique and professional atmosphere, closely mirroring the conditions of high-level cricket matches. This not only enhances the playing experience but also prepares our players for different playing environments, adding a valuable dimension to their development.
  2. Local Coaches: Expert guidance and support throughout the trip, ensuring smooth and comfortable navigation of all activities and logistics.We are investing in the engagement of local coaches in India who bring a wealth of experience and expertise. These coaches have a deep understanding of local playing conditions and techniques, providing insights that are invaluable for our players’ development. Their guidance is expected to contribute significantly to enhancing our players’ skills and understanding of the game, offering a perspective that is different from what they are used to in New Zealand.
  3. Live Coverage on Social Media: We will be covering the games live on YouTube and other social media platforms, allowing friends and family to be part of the experience, no matter where they are.This not only allows friends and family back home to follow the games closely but also adds a professional touch to our tour. The live coverage will include commentary, highlights, and player interviews, making it an exciting way for our players to share their experience with a wider audience.
  4. Engaging Local Liaison Staff: To ensure that our coaches can focus primarily on coaching and player development, we are hiring local liaison staff. These individuals will handle various logistical aspects of the tour, such as travel coordination, accommodation management, and on-ground support. By reducing the administrative workload on our coaches, we enable them to dedicate more time and energy to training and mentoring the players, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the coaching.

By incorporating these elements, we aim to provide a high-quality, all-encompassing experience that goes beyond just the basics of travel and accommodation. Our goal is to ensure that every participant enjoys a hassle-free, enriching, and memorable trip.

What does the payment cover?
  • Accommodation
  • Airfare to and fro to India
  • All food expenses while in India (does not cover your food expenses while in transit or at the airports)
  • All internal travel within India including any air travel
  • Hutt Hawks clothing both for players and non-players
  • Ground hire
  • Local liaison
  • Local coaches
What does the payment not cover?
  • Personal shopping expenses
  • Alcohol (If you are under 18 it’s assumed you won’t be drinking)
  • Travel insurance – We may look at the option of group travel insurance that can cover covid related delays/changes to itinerary + any medical costs if diagnosed with Covid while overseas. Travel insurance is a must for all travelers. Ideally costs around $90 per person for the duration of the trip.
  • Visa expenses (Depends on nationality, quote your nationality to confirm) – $30 per traveler on NZ passport payable to Indian High Commission (Varies depending on the passport you hold). We are not able to apply for visa on your behalf and you will have to apply on your own. Step by step instructions will be provided on how to go about applying for visa.
  • Medical expenses if required
  • Vaccinations
How long is the flight travel for the trip?

The duration of the flight travel for this trip can vary, but it typically ranges between 18 to 24 hours. This duration is dependent on the specific flight routes and any layovers that may be part of the journey. We understand that this is a significant amount of time to be traveling, so we ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the comfort and well-being of our players and accompanying members during the flight. This includes selecting flights with the best available amenities and scheduling appropriate rest periods. Our aim is to make the travel experience as smooth and comfortable as possible, ensuring that everyone arrives at the destination refreshed and ready for the upcoming activities and games.

How is accommodation arranged for the tour?

Our accommodation arrangements are designed to ensure comfort and convenience for both players and their accompanying family members. Here’s how we’ve structured it:

  1. Twin Sharing Basis:
    • Accommodations for the tour are primarily organized on a twin-sharing basis. This means that each room will be shared by two individuals. This arrangement not only fosters camaraderie among players but also helps in managing the overall cost of accommodation more effectively.
  2. Flexibility for Families:
    • Understanding the diverse preferences of families, we offer the flexibility for parents to stay with their children if they choose to do so. This option is particularly appreciated by those who prefer to be close to their young ones during the tour, providing them with a sense of comfort and security.
  3. Quality and Convenience:
    • The hotels and accommodations selected for the tour are chosen with careful consideration of both quality and convenience. We ensure that the accommodations are comfortable, safe, and located in proximity to the cricket venues and other essential facilities. This minimizes travel time and maximizes rest and relaxation opportunities for both players and their families.
  4. Special Requests and Arrangements:
    • We understand that some families or players may have special requests or needs regarding their accommodation. We are open to discussing these and will do our best to accommodate such requests, ensuring that everyone’s stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
  5. Community Building:
    • The shared accommodation setup also plays a vital role in team building. It allows players to bond with each other, share experiences, and build a sense of community and teamwork, which is essential in a team sport like cricket.

In summary, our accommodation strategy is tailored to balance comfort, convenience, and the opportunity for team bonding. We strive to make the stay a pleasant part of the overall tour experience, ensuring that all participants feel relaxed and well-rested throughout the trip.

How do I go about applying for a visa for the tour?

Applying for a visa is a crucial step in your preparations for our tour, and Hutt Hawks is here to guide you through this process. However, it’s important to pay close attention to the timing of your application due to the date-dependent nature of visa validity. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Wait for Instructions from Hutt Hawks:
    • Do not apply for your visa until you receive specific instructions from us. We will provide detailed guidance on the entire process, tailored to the needs of our tour. Applying too early or too late can lead to complications, as visas are often date-specific and have fixed validity periods.
  2. Timely Guidance and Support:
    • We will send you the visa application instructions in due course, ensuring there’s ample time for you to apply without the risk of the visa expiring before the tour or receiving it too late. Our guidance will include a recommended timeframe for submitting your application.
  3. Simplified Application Process:
    • Our aim is to make the visa application process as straightforward as possible. We will provide step-by-step instructions, including how to fill out the application form and the necessary supporting documents you’ll need to gather.
  4. Assistance with Documentation:
    • We will list and explain all the documents required for the visa application, such as your passport, photographs, travel itinerary, and any other relevant paperwork.
  5. Support for Queries:
    • If you have any questions or concerns during the visa application process, our team will be available to assist you. We are here to help ensure that your application is completed correctly and efficiently.
  6. Group Coordination:
    • Where possible, we may coordinate group visa applications to streamline the process for team members.

By following our instructions and applying for your visa within the specified timeframe, you can avoid any issues related to visa validity. We are committed to supporting all team members through this important step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free preparation for our exciting tour.

Preferred mode of communication

Effective communication is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the tour. Over the years, we have experimented with various communication methods and have established a system that we find most efficient and user-friendly.

  1. Preferred Communication Channel – WhatsApp:
    • After evaluating different platforms, we have found WhatsApp to be the most effective mode of communication for our needs. WhatsApp offers several advantages that make it ideal for our group:
      • Secure Communication: WhatsApp provides a secure platform for sharing information, ensuring privacy and data protection.
      • Media Sharing: The ability to upload and share media easily is crucial, especially for sharing updates, images, and videos related to the tour.
      • Mobile Convenience: The widespread use of mobile devices makes WhatsApp a convenient option for everyone, allowing for easy communication on the go.
  2. Managing Message Volume:
    • We are aware that the volume of messages in group chats can sometimes be overwhelming. To manage this, we suggest turning off notifications for the group chat and checking the messages periodically at your convenience.
  3. Limitations of Other Methods:
    • Emails: While emails are a traditional form of communication, we have found them less effective for our purposes. They can be cumbersome to manage, especially when dealing with multiple threads and replies. Additionally, there is a risk of emails ending up in junk or trash folders, leading to missed communications.
    • Facebook Messenger: Although we have used Facebook Messenger in the past, it does not offer the same level of convenience and accessibility as WhatsApp, especially for group communication.
  4. Joining the WhatsApp Group:
    • Upon completion of the registration form, where you will upload the necessary documents and provide your phone number, you will be automatically added to our WhatsApp group.
    • Important: Please ensure that the phone number you provide is associated with your WhatsApp account. If you wish to include additional phone numbers (e.g., for family members), make sure to include them in the registration form.
  5. Ensuring Inclusivity:
    • We aim to include everyone in the communication loop. If you have specific communication needs or preferences, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

By utilizing WhatsApp as our primary communication tool, we aim to keep everyone informed, connected, and engaged throughout the preparation and duration of the tour. We believe this approach will enhance the overall experience for all participants, ensuring that important information is shared promptly and efficiently.

HIBS – Our Contact Details

🌐 Website:

  • Visit us at Hutt Hawks for more information about our tours, teams, and events.

Join the whatsapp group

Social Media

📱 Mobile/WhatsApp:

  • Within New Zealand: 0220299358 or contact Paul Brennan on 027-2811628 or Neeraj Chawla on 022-6517381
    • Reach out to us for quick queries, updates, or instant messaging.
  • Outside of New Zealand: +64-22-0299358
    • For our international participants, use this number to connect with us via call or WhatsApp.

📧 Email:

  • huttcricket.info@gmail.com
    • For detailed inquiries, documentation, or official communication, feel free to drop us an email. We ensure to respond promptly.
HIBS – Payment date and mode
Date Payment Comment
Prior end of Aug 2024 $1000 per traveler Deposit
Prior end of March 2025 $2500 per traveler Second installment
Prior end of July 2025 $2500 per traveler Third installment

We will inform over the email and whatsapp group how to go about paying the above in due time.

HIBS – Date of confirmation

Confirming your participation in the upcoming tour is a crucial step in our planning and team finalization process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Preliminary Team Selection:
    • We have already made preliminary selections for what our teams will look like for the tour. However, it’s important to note that our rosters are not completely fixed yet. We aim to take a maximum of 15 players that will be touring India. This number is carefully chosen to ensure we have adequate coverage for rest periods, potential injuries, and to manage player fatigue effectively during the tour.
  2. Finalization Timeline:
    • The finalization of the teams is scheduled to take place in the month of August 2024. This timeline allows us to assess the readiness and availability of players and make any necessary adjustments to the team composition.
  3. Confirmation Requirements:
    • To confirm your participation, there are two key steps you need to complete:
      • Passport Submission: You will need to upload a copy of your valid passport. This is essential for us to proceed with the necessary travel arrangements, including flight bookings and accommodation reservations.
      • Deposit Payment: Along with the passport submission, you are required to pay a prescribed deposit. This deposit is part of the overall tour cost and serves as a confirmation of your commitment to participate in the tour.
  4. Importance of Timely Confirmation:
    • Timely confirmation by participants is crucial for us to finalize logistical details and ensure a smooth and well-organized tour. It also helps in securing the best possible arrangements in terms of travel and accommodation, as well as in planning the match schedules and training sessions.
  5. Communication and Support:
    • We understand that preparing for an international tour involves several steps and considerations. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or support you might need during the confirmation process. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any concerns or require further information.

By following these steps and confirming your participation by the specified deadline, you will be helping us in creating a successful and memorable cricket tour. We look forward to having a talented and enthusiastic team representing us in India, and your timely confirmation plays a vital role in making this happen.

To confirm participation in the upcoming India tour, we require players and their parents to finalize their commitment by the end of August 2024. This includes the crucial steps of uploading a copy of the player’s passport and making a deposit payment for the tour tickets. Given the high demand for flights during the school holidays period, securing tickets early is imperative to ensure we adhere to our budget constraints. Please be aware that the allocation of places on the tour will be strictly based on the receipt of the deposit and the passport copy. Without these, we are unable to include the candidate in our travel plans. This process is essential to facilitate smooth travel logistics and ensure a well-organized and memorable experience for everyone involved.

HIBS – Opponents

During our tour to India, our young cricketers will face a diverse and challenging array of opponents, including skilled players from esteemed state age group representatives, cricket academies, competitive clubs, well-established schools, and representative teams known for their cricketing prowess. These matches are designed to expose our players to a variety of playing styles and strategies, reflecting the rich cricketing culture and tradition of India. The opportunity to compete against such a wide range of talent will not only enhance our team’s skills and experience but also foster a deeper appreciation for the global cricket community. Engaging with India’s passionate cricketing environment, where the sport is woven into the fabric of everyday life, will undoubtedly be a highlight of the tour, providing our players with invaluable insights and memories to last a lifetime.

HIBS – Eligibility

Eligibility for the prestigious 2025 Hutt International Boys’ School (HIBS) tour to India is reserved for students who not only embody the spirit and skill of cricket but are also active members of the HIBS community. To qualify, participants must be enrolled at Hutt International Boys’ School and play for either the first XI or second XI cricket teams, demonstrating a high level of dedication and performance in the sport. Selection for this unique opportunity is at the discretion of Paul Brennan, the esteemed coach of HIBS cricket, who will evaluate players based on their skill, commitment, and potential to represent the school on the international stage. This tour is a chance for HIBS cricketers to showcase their talents in India, a country with a rich cricketing heritage, and as such, being chosen to participate by Coach Brennan is a significant honor that reflects both the player’s abilities and their contribution to the HIBS cricket legacy.

HIBS – Coaches

Our tour is privileged to have a diverse and experienced team of coaches. This team comprises both local and international experts, ensuring a well-rounded coaching experience for all participants.

New Zealand-Based Coaches:

  1. Paul Brennan : A seasoned coach based in New Zealand, sports coordinator for HIBS with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.
  2. Neeraj Chawla: Also based in New Zealand, Neeraj is known for his strategic coaching approach and has a strong track record in enhancing player performance.

International Coaching Expertise:

  • Syed Shahabuddin: A former first-class cricketer from India, Syed is currently holding several prominent coaching positions in India. His experience at the first-class level brings a unique depth to our coaching team.

Local Support:

  • Cricket Wellington Coaches/Development Officers: We are fortunate to have coaches and development officers from Cricket Wellington accompany us regularly. They bring insights and a deep understanding of the New Zealand cricketing environment.
  • Volunteer Coaches from New Zealand: Our team also includes volunteer coaches from New Zealand, who specialize in various aspects of the game, including fielding. These coaches offer their time and expertise to enrich our training sessions.

Collaboration with Indian Coaches:

  • Local Indian Coaches: During our training sessions in India, we collaborate with several local coaches. These coaches bring a wealth of local knowledge and experience, greatly enhancing the training experience with their diverse coaching styles and techniques.

This eclectic mix of coaches from different backgrounds and areas of expertise ensures a comprehensive and multifaceted coaching experience for the players. Whether it’s technical skills, tactical understanding, or physical conditioning, our coaching team is equipped to cater to all aspects of the game, providing a holistic development environment for every participant on the tour.

HIBS – Game Schedule for the India Tour

Overview of Match Days:

  • Total Playing Days: The tour includes 8 days of scheduled matches. The younger under 13/14s players require adequate rest between games.
  • Match Formats: We generally play a mix of one-day games and T20 matches. The typical structure is 5 one-day games and 6 T20s, but this can be adjusted based on the team’s needs and objectives.

Variations in Game Formats:

  • Requests for Longer Formats: Occasionally, we receive requests for longer duration game such as 2 innings games. While these offers are appealing, they are less common in our schedule for several reasons:
    • Duration of the Tour: Our tour is concise, lasting no more than 15 days. Incorporating longer-format games into such a tight schedule can be challenging.
    • Team Size and Player Opportunities: We aim to bring a squad of 15 players, ensuring that everyone gets ample opportunity to play. Sticking to white-ball games (one-day and T20s) allows us to provide more players with game time.
  • Potential for Red-Ball Games: However, we are open to including one 2-day game in our itinerary, particularly if there is a higher participation from players who specialize in red-ball (longer format) cricket. This inclusion would depend on the composition and preferences of our touring squad.

Our goal is to balance the desire for competitive cricket with the practicalities of a short tour and the need to provide meaningful playing opportunities to all squad members. The final schedule is crafted to maximize the cricketing experience for our team while accommodating the diverse formats that enrich the tour.

HIBS – What are the dates of travel?

Dates of travel are between 18th of September to the 1st of October 2025, during the term 3 school holidays of academic year 2025.

Depending on the availability of the tickets for the group it may + or – 2 to 3 days.

Do not fill the form if you are not from Hutt International Boys School

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