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Tour to India 2024


The Hutt Hawks Cricket Club is excited to announce a landmark cricket tour to India during the upcoming school holidays in September/October. This 15-day tour promises to be a significant event in the calendar for our young cricketers, encompassing both the Under 15s and Under 19s teams.

A Journey of Cricket and Culture

The tour to India, a nation where cricket is celebrated with unparalleled passion, offers a unique blend of competitive sport and cultural immersion. Our teams will visit two of India's most vibrant cities: Hyderabad and Bangalore, each with its own rich cricketing heritage.

Hyderabad: A Historic Start

In Hyderabad, known for its historical landmarks and cricketing fervor, our teams will play a series of matches against local clubs. This experience will not only challenge our players with different playing conditions but also allow them to engage with the local cricketing community. Off the field, the teams will explore the city's historical sites, providing a glimpse into India's rich cultural tapestry.

Bangalore: The Technological and Cricketing Hub

Following Hyderabad, the Hawks will head to Bangalore, a city that has made its mark in the tech world and as a cricketing hotspot. Here, the teams will face new challenges, competing against some of Bangalore's finest junior teams. These matches will be pivotal in exposing our players to a variety of playing styles and strategies.

More Than Just Cricket

This tour is not only about winning matches. It's an opportunity for personal growth, learning, and cultural exchange. The players will participate in training sessions with local coaches, gaining insights into different cricketing techniques and mental approaches to the game.

Building International Relationships>

The Hutt Hawks believe in the power of sports to bridge cultures and foster friendships. This tour will allow our players to connect with their counterparts in India, sharing experiences and stories, and building bonds that transcend the cricket field.

Stay Connected

We invite the Hutt Hawks community to join us virtually on this exciting journey. Regular updates, match reports, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content will be shared on our website and social media platforms. As the Hutt Hawks prepare to fly to India, we are filled with anticipation for the experiences that await. This tour is set to be a memorable chapter in our club's history, showcasing the talent and spirit of our young cricketers on an international stage.

Hutt Hawks' Men's Tour to India

July/August 2024

The Hutt Hawks Cricket Club is proud to announce an upcoming tour to India for our Men's team in July/August 2024. This tour represents a significant milestone for our club, as it includes a blend of professional cricketers, promising Under 19 representatives, and New Zealand national team members.

A Diverse and Talented Squad

Our touring party is a testament to the strength and depth of cricketing talent within the Hutt Hawks. The team comprises seasoned professionals who have made their mark in various domestic and international leagues, alongside rising stars from our Under 19 ranks who have shown exceptional skill and potential. Additionally, the presence of New Zealand representatives adds an international flavor and experience to our squad.

Expert Coaching and Support

Understanding the importance of quality guidance and training, we are taking a team of professional coaches from New Zealand, supplemented by specialist coaches from India. This blend of coaching styles and experiences is designed to provide our players with a comprehensive learning experience, adapting to different conditions and tactics that are prevalent in subcontinental cricket.

The Itinerary: Embracing the Challenge

Our tour is scheduled to take place during the cricket-friendly months of July and August, providing optimal conditions for high-quality cricket. The itinerary includes a series of matches against top-tier Indian clubs and regional teams, offering a platform for competitive cricket at its best.

More Than Just Matches

While the focus is undoubtedly on cricket, this tour is about much more. It's an opportunity for our players to immerse themselves in a different cricketing culture, understand new playing conditions, and experience the fervor with which cricket is followed in India. These experiences are invaluable for personal and professional growth.

A Focus on Development and Exchange

The Hutt Hawks are committed to the development of our players at all levels. This tour will serve as a critical learning experience, especially for our younger cricketers who will benefit immensely from playing alongside and against seasoned professionals. The exchange of techniques, strategies, and experiences with the Indian teams and coaches will add a new dimension to our players' cricketing repertoire.

Engaging with the Cricketing Community

We believe in the power of cricket to bring people together. Throughout the tour, we aim to engage with the local cricketing community in India, participate in joint training sessions, and involve ourselves in cultural exchange activities that deepen our understanding and appreciation of India's rich heritage.

Stay Updated

We invite our Hutt Hawks community and cricket enthusiasts to follow this exciting journey. Regular updates, match highlights, and exclusive content from the tour will be shared on our website and social media channels. As we prepare for this momentous tour, the excitement among our players, coaches, and supporters is palpable. This tour to India is not just a series of cricket matches; it's a journey of growth, learning, and international camaraderie.

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